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As the capital for 8 million Austrians, the city of Vienna will soon boast a population of 2 million, restoring the city to the size it was 100 years ago. Now the fastest growing region in the EU, Vienna once sat at the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was comprised of Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

As a result of its glorious past as Central Europe’s capital for over 300 years, Vienna features an impressive number of historic buildings in breathtaking settings, a rich mix of fine cuisine and fine people — 20% of whom were not born as Austrians. Some may say the Viennese have an attitude too, but looking at Londoners, Parisians or New Yorkers, it’s safe to say that comes with size and history.

The architectural remains are the easiest to find: a stunning wealth of buildings on the Ring’s Golden Mile, the breathtaking panorama of Heldenplatz from the steps of the National Library, the palaces of Belvedere and Schoenbrunn, framed by their luscious parks and gardens and home to some the city’s premier vistas. Landmarks of more recent history are the Flak-Towers and the Soviet Monument, a darling of Russian visitors still today.

For an easygoing and colorful evening, head over to the Prater, with its landmark ferris wheel, the oldest of its kind in Europe. Luckily, there's no cover charge to enter the amusement park.

The vine-clad suburban hills, with their taverns amidst the grapes and their traditional wine growers’ village centers, make for a different kind of evening fun.

For those who stay longer, be aware that Vienna is one of Europe’s top five museum cities, with an abundance of stunning interiors, galleries and museums. Sustaining the city’s place as a cultural powerhouse, these interiors also make Vienna a lovely destination even in the rain or winter cold.

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