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Kemal Nuraydın has worked as the Executive Editor of National Geographic Turkish Edition from 2001 to 2011. He’s currently contributing several editions of National Geographic as a photographer.
Kemal was the editor of the National Geographic's Interactive Photography School in Turkish consisting of 4 CD's, A Digital Photography School consisting of 2 CD's and many other supplements about photography.
Also being a licensed professional tour guide, he’s leading private and group photography tours in Turkey and around the World in a cooperation with several travel agencies.

Kemal is the founder of the

Reviews for Kemal N.
Rakan A.

I took a personal photo tour with Kemal during my visit to Istanbul and although it wasn't my first time in the city Kemal managed to surprise me with visits to new, colorful and photogenic places that I had never been to before. He coached me with technical photographic knowledge and techniques and was very friendly and professional. I took away many beautiful images that I wouldn't have taken them without this tour.

Joanne M.

A fantastic day! Kemal took us to many interesting, visually rich locations just behind the main streets. Places where people were making different things - places that tourists would never normally see. Lots of advice on different shooting techniques to use for different circumstances. Elements to look for when deciding on composition. Even some ideas on psychology to employ when photographing people. Tour was very enjoyable, Kemal struck a nice balance between friendly and professional. Did tour on day 1 of my holiday to Istanbul, and not only did I feel familiar with many areas, I was able to practice my newly learned skills/techniques for the rest of my trip. Definitely made me more confident with my photography.

Jeff B.

Kemal did a great job leading our private photo tour. He took us to several "secret" places off the beaten path and was very knowledgeable and helpful on how to get the best shots. He was flexible and wanted us to see (and shoot) the things we wanted instead of taking us to where the guidebook said we needed to see. If you are a serious amateur photographer, you can learn a lot from Kemal about photography plus get to see interesting places in Istanbul. He offers a variety of tours to different parts of the city so next time we are here we will try another one of his tours. Highly recommended!