Reviews - Pedro P.

Heidi K.

Yesterday was my first tour, booked by a Pedro in San Fransisco for his sister Anotonia & her friend, Angelica (both from Chile) for Antonia's birthday. Needless to say we had a blast. Antonia got so many renditions of "Happy Birthday" sung to her in so many different musica styles, accompanied by a bevy of different instruments, by so many different buskers, that I'm pretty sure Antonia will never forget the adventure. We traversed East to West & I'd lined up my most favourte buskers to play, sing & chat with her along the way. Both Antonia & Angelica were fabulous 'shadow buskers' - curious, open minded & eager to inquire about the life underground NYC to every busker we encountered. A+++ for Underground Adventures ! See some pics of the adventure here: