Reviews - Ed N.

Kathryn G.

This was my first 'night tour' and being a Sunday I at first thought it would be a challenge to find enough places to show to Ed and Kumi. I was wrong! Luckily, mid April means the sun is up late enough to enjoy London's local treasures for a good couple of hours before it goes dark. We started in Notting Hill - such a pleasure when all the crowds are gone - then went onto King's Cross and Islington, finishing up with 'proper', amazing fish and chips. Ed and Kumi are so lovely and had loads of questions for me. Which I love! They were flexible with fitting in with my schedule - hence the night tour - and really enthusiastic to learn lots about London and the UK (and this was despite them being jet lagged, straight off a plane from San Diego). I now know that I can host a great night version of my local London experience :o)