Reviews by Ed N.
Ed N.

This was not only our first time in London but in Europe so having a guide like Kathryn was the best thing we could have done. She was very accommodating for our schedule and met us at our hotel a few hours after we landed and gave us a quick walking tour of less touristy neighborhoods, introduced us to the bus and tube systems and then took us to a nice fish and chips restaurant where she very patiently answered all our questions about all the unfamiliar menu items. Actually we had lots of questions the entire time about London, the culture, etc and she answered them all with good cheer so having a guide like Kathryn with a loose itinerary is almost like meeting a friend showing us around and hugely beneficial for us starting a trip in an unfamiliar part of the world! Thanks to Kathryn I can now say I've used a Thomas Crapper toilet. :-) Looking forward to another tour next time!

Ed N.
Ed N. for Trendy Marais

This was a great tour of a less touristy area where we got to see areas dominated by small stores and restaurants, each with their own unique style. Elza was quite knowledgeable about styles and pointed out numerous clothing boutiques to my wife's delight as well as other interesting stores and restaurants and spots. Seeing areas like this and getting a better feel of the city is far more enjoyable for us than the Champs Elysees so this was very entertaining! Elza is friendly, on time, quick to respond to emails and a great guide!

Ed N.

This tour is exactly as described and is such a good idea I wish Uriel was around to provide this kind of tour for other museums around the world! 1 hour is pretty quick so there's no time to get bored as we zip from site to site, covering the main areas and then when the hour is up we are free to go back and enjoy slowly the items we want to see. Uriel is very friendly and the personal tour with him is infinitely more enjoyable than a group tour. This was our first time in Paris and the Louvre so this kind of "orientation" tour was perfect for us!

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Kathryn G.

This was my first 'night tour' and being a Sunday I at first thought it would be a challenge to find enough places to show to Ed and Kumi. I was wrong! Luckily, mid April means the sun is up late enough to enjoy London's local treasures for a good couple of hours before it goes dark. We started in Notting Hill - such a pleasure when all the crowds are gone - then went onto King's Cross and Islington, finishing up with 'proper', amazing fish and chips. Ed and Kumi are so lovely and had loads of questions for me. Which I love! They were flexible with fitting in with my schedule - hence the night tour - and really enthusiastic to learn lots about London and the UK (and this was despite them being jet lagged, straight off a plane from San Diego). I now know that I can host a great night version of my local London experience :o)