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Frank L.
Frank L. for Discover French Beer

Our evening with Phil was the best time of our entire week in Paris! He is a lot of fun, knows his stuff, and is incredibly generous. If you enjoy trying new brews and can book this experience with Phil - since he only does it a couple of times each month - you will be glad you did. I can't say enough about this experience - great beer, great food, and truly great company! Thanks so much, Phil!

Frank L.
Frank L. for Paris Catacombs Tour

Our tour of the Paris Catacombs was truly unique - and our guide was entertaining and made it a lot of fun. However, be sure to plan to spend the entire morning - about four hours total - for the tour. Initially, we thought we were signing up for a one-hour tour and were surprised at how long it turned out to be. Also, there are lots of steps - almost 200 down at the start and almost 100 back up at the end so, if you're not fit, this isn't for you. If you can do the stairs, though, it's an experience unlike any other you'll have in Paris!

Frank L.

Uriel did exactly as he promised - he hosted an outstanding one-hour tour of the Louvre. We skipped the line and walked right in and in that one hour Uriel took us to see all the "must see" pieces and provided us with a most helpful orientation to this huge museum. We would not have had the enjoyable day at the Louvre that we did without that first hour with Uriel. If you're making your first visit to the Louvre, taking the first hour with Uriel is a great investment. Thanks, Uriel!

Frank L.

Our Wine Tasting was one of the highlights of our visit to Paris. Nils, who was the presenter, was entertaining and informative and the cellar setting for the Tasting was beautiful. As New Zealand and Argentine wine lovers with little knowledge or understanding of French wines, the time we had with Nils was outstanding. We learned so much! We highly recommend this experience to anyone who enjoys wine and wants to learn more about and taste some of the great wines of France.

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Phillip L.

Frank and his son were great guests, very interested in learning more about the French beer scene, and a lot of fun to be around.

Mathieu S.

Never had any news from him