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Reviews by Lynn T.
Lynn T.
Lynn T. for Underground Wine Experience

Mike was a really cool tour guide - I've lived in the Bay Area for about 7 years and have been to Napa/Sonoma many times. Yet Mike was able to take us to some really great hidden wineries. He knew all the wine-makers, and 'hooked us up' - whether you're wine n00b or a wine snob, it's still a lovely experience. All the wineries were ran by small families and were such lovely people. This was a treat - Thanks Mike :)

Lynn T.
Lynn T. for Private Sail on the Bay

This was my first time ever on a sailing boat, and we couldn't have asked for a better captain than Captain Bob. The entire trip was amazing - the view was breathtaking, our vessel was sturdy, everything went above and beyond my wildest expectations. I've lived in the Bay Area for over 7 years, and have never before been able to see this city from such an extraordinary vantage point. I would highly highly recommend this experience to anyone who want to experience an unique experience they will not forget anytime soon.

Lynn T.
Lynn T. for Social Charm: Geek Edition

Before meeting June I had never been one to gracefully say no to anything. June stepped me through the importance of saying no, the basics of setting boundaries, and how to plan and execute a socially responsible rejection. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking No help.

Lynn T.
Lynn T. for Gonzo Tour of Pac Heights SF

I took the tour with Jaybee last weekend and it was a great tour! we walked all around Pac Heights and I learned so much about both architecture and history. I highly recommend Jaybee's tour.

Reviews for Lynn T.
Anish S.
Anish S. for Local Mission Bites & Treats

If Lynn's glamour shot above hasn't already sold you, then the pictures of the food should. This tour is perfect for everybody. Every resident in SF calls themselves a foodie. I'm the lone wolf that is not a foodie. I don't go out of my way to research the most exciting hidden restaurants and am generally behind the curve. So it was perfect for me to follow around someone like Lynn who knows the ins and outs, and get hand-held through all of the culinary delights hiding behind back alleys and on secret menus. Warning: I got cramps from eating so much. Or maybe it was the laughing with good company. Or both. Either way, this hasn't happened since childhood. Be careful out there in the field soldiers.

Michael M.
Michael M. for Local Mission Bites & Treats

From bacon maple doughnuts to burritos, strawberry rhubarb pies to tamales, it's hard to go wrong with this decadent food tour. I've lived in SF for 7 years now and I found some new favorites I didn't even know existed. Come hungry, because this is going to be a food experience you're not going to forget.

June L.
June L. for Local Mission Bites & Treats

I was going to use the phrase "come hungry, leave happy" but it seems you'll just get mental pictures of mediocre pancakes doused with maple syrup, but that's the OPPOSITE of what this tour is. I live in San Francisco and consider myself "food savvy" for lack of a non-snooty term, and I've never even been to many of these places. We filled ourselves with bacon and maple glazed donuts, all sorts of pie, Mission hot dogs, delicious burritos, ice cream, and lots of drinks. My favorite part was ducking into this underground market for pupusas that I didn't even know existed despite passing by the intersection at least a dozen times. We were also able to check out some art and experience the vibrant culture of the Mission district thanks to Lynn's intimate knowledge and sense of pride for her neighborhood.

Xianhang Z.
Xianhang Z. for Local Mission Bites & Treats

Lynn is clearly a Mission native, through and through. We got a whirlwind tour through the entire mission district, stopping at some of the local institutions (Bi-Rite, Tartine, Humphrey Slocombe) as well as a few out of the way gems (A wonderful Salvadorian place tucked inside a meat market). It's really fascinating to explore the diversity of the Mission through food as well as experiencing the peaceful co-existence of the older Latin American culture with the newer, young urban vibe. Fantastic and well worth the time!

June L.
June L. for Coit Tower and Secret Steps

I've been on this Coit Tower tour with Lynn, and it is the farthest thing from touristy even though it features a famous landmark! We started the day at a great dim sum place in Chinatown and then meandered to an amazing bakery full of delicious egg tarts and little old ladies full of personality to boot. Meandering through the charming North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco puts you back to the small town days when everyone is friendly and passes each other on the street with a smile. The climb up to Coit Tower held the promise of beautiful panoramic views, and that definitely did not disappoint by the time we panted up to the top. We then went down through a stairwell behind the tower, passing right through the backyards of cute North Beach houses! Lynn has been living in San Francisco for a long time and is full of great stories about the city!

Steve M.
Steve M. for Morning Walk With a View

The "morning walk with view" tour was great. I saw fantastic views of the city, was shown a hidden gem of a park (Kite Hill Open Space), and got some exercise. The guide was knowledgeable and informative. She gave me a real feel for the neighborhoods, and was great company.