Reviews - Gabriel D.

Sally S.
Sally S. for Ride the Magic Bus Back to the 60s

Trip through the hippies era of the 60s, see footage of the summer of love and drift back, back to a time of flower power. Let the favorite toons of the 60s and 70s stir your memory and sing along to what moves you, maybe Blind Faith. Remember with nostalgia scenes of Janis Joplin at the Fillmore West projected on screens covering the windows. Fast and funny dialog as you breeze around town, seeing off-beat sights and learning tid-bits about the city. Victorians were once sold in a box, a make-it-yourself kind of pad. Like Ken Kesey's bus trip without the mushrooms.

Eli C.
Eli C. for Ride the Magic Bus Back to the 60s

This experience is the way to get around San Francisco! Our group was amazing and our guides were so cool, we even picked up a stranger at one of our stops! The bus is truly unique and a trip! This experience can be enjoyed by all age groups!

Kara D.
Kara D. for Ride the Magic Bus Back to the 60s

The magic bus took us all the way back, man. My whole family (my sister, Dad, and 3 year old niece) enjoyed this time machine to the 60's. We loved the music, imagery, and fantastic tour host! As I was born in the 80's, this gave me the most authentic experience imaginable, and San Francisco & the Haight are the best backdrop for this magical experience.