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Reviews by Mindy
Mindy for Wellness & Food Foraging Near Athens

Chantel guided us through a very relaxed and splendid day of swimming in healing waters, gathering flowers & herbs on a beautiful scenic hike, and eating a delicious lunch complimented by the herbs that we collected. It was a great way for our family to take a break from Athen's tourist attractions to experience something fun & unique.


This is a fabulous tour! We are a family of five (our youngest is verging on six years old), and Deanna kept all of us entertained as we travelled through several colorful neighborhoods in Athens, tasting local delights. Thank you!

Mindy for Paris Gluten Free

Rachel is friendly, professional, and informative. We had an absolutely delightful time seeing the gluten free side of Paris with her. Who would have thought it could be so yummy?! Thank you, Rachel!

Reviews for Mindy
Tina K.

Mindy was a wonderful traveler, it was great to meet her on the food tour in Athens! Thanks a lot Mindy!

Chantel K.

It was a real pleasure to get to know Mindy and her lovely family and to spend the day with them in the stunning Athens Riviera. It was fascinating to see how the children interacted with the nature around them. How they loved the wild asparagus, the fish in the lake that tickled their skin and the nettle omelette! Thank you all and happy traveling!

Rachel K.

I had a great time showing Mindy and her friends around my favorite gluten-free spots in Paris! She was a wonderful guest!