Reviews by Lena O.
Lena O.

When I was in NYC with a group from my school, Giovanni was kind enough to take us around Harlem, Little Italy, Chinatown, and the Bronx for a day. He showed us a Chinese restaurant, tucked away in a Chinese mall (one that you had to know was there in order to find it), a Italian pastery stand that had the best Cannolli in town, different parks, the Apollo Theater, and the different shops in Harlem. He gave us a concise history of New York City and explained why things were the way they were. After a long day of walking, (we were hot and our feet were tired), he graciously took us back to his home too cool off and to view his impressive and beautiful photo gallery. Giovanni was absolutely incredible, we would have been totally lost without him. He captured beautiful pictures of everyday people, doing everyday things, and turned them into something special. He took us to the "inside" of New York City, places that we would have never thought to go, and because of this we are truely greatful to have had the pleasure of meeting him.