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Sion F.

When we travel to a new destination and plan to discover its treasures and enjoy the best it has to offer, we can either fall into the touristy tour traps (overpriced and not always that good), we can attempt to fly solo with the help of travel guides, books and online recommendations (which can get intimidating and a bit exhausting). Or we can try to find an expert local resident who will give you the real deal and provide you with unique opportunities to explore what few would probably see during their trip. You won't find a better expert, a more flavorful experience, a more vibrant tour of New York streets, than next to Giovanni Savino. It takes a person who has traveled and seen the best (and often the worst) in many cities around the planet in decades of seeing the world through a journalist's eye, to truly appreciate, know and love the city they call a home. With Giovanni, you'll learn nostalgic stories from a long-gone New York glory, while experiencing what still makes today this city one of the best in the world. A charming gentleman and a crafty storyteller, Giovanni's personality is so magnetic indeed that half way through your tour you may realize you have even stopped paying attention to what's around you, so focused you were listening to his anecdotes and tales. And, as per a good tourist experience, you'll probably want to document what you're seeing with your cameras or cellphones taking photographs or video. Trust me, no one I have ever met will be more helpful and insightful when it comes to solving any photography-related doubt you have or giving you priceless tips to make your images better. So you'll probably leave this tour with great memories to last for a lifetime, and great photos to remember it by!