Reviews by Anton K.
Anton K.

I've been lucky to accompany Giovanni several times while exploring NYC, and each time has been an incredible learning experience for me not only as a photographer, but as a New Yorker exploring my own city. Giovanni is extremely knowledgable about the absolute best places to go for the most visually stunning photos, but also HOW to take the best pics in these environments. He has a truly unique eye that sees beautiful things that other people don't see, and a remarkable vision and professional focus to his shooting that is absolutely awe-inspiring to witness. He will make you see NYC in a way you never thought you'd witness -- even if you lived here for years! Not only that, but Giovanni, the man, is one of the most charming and lovable characters you'll meet in the city -- and always has amazing tales of his incredible 30-year experience as a photojournalist/documentarian. Taking a tour with him is the ULTIMATE New York experience for amateur or professional photographers!