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Raj T.
Raj T. for Bangkok VIP Nightlife Tour

If you're new to the Bangkok night scene, Vincent is a great resource for letting you know where the next party is at. He gets all the invites.

Raj T.

Vincent is a well-known member of the Bangkok expat community. He's in the know about arts and the underground scene and has also ventured off the beaten path to locate some real gems. I've actually been out with Vincent a few times and also have been to his atelier where he's hosted some decent events. If you're new to Bangkok, you're looking for something new and interesting, give him a buzz.

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Vincent S.

Raj is a great person who knows Bangkok 'secret' hidden places and loves to discover and eat at newly opened restaurants and drink at secret bars. He is often with good company and knows Asia very well. He is what we call in French a 'Bon Vivant'