Reviews by Sarah J.
Sarah J.
Sarah J. for Private Sail on the Bay

Sailing with Captain Bob was, by far, the highlight of our trip to San Francisco! If there is anyway to see the city it is definitely by sailboat. Not only did Captain Bob put us at ease, being two people completely unfamiliar with sailing, but he was very informative about everything we saw. Bonus when you get to see Dolphins and Sea Lions! It was the greatest experience to go from sailing so fast through the bay to relaxing and seeing the sites at the end and you also get to hang out Titantic style at the front of the boat, excellent picture taking time! But you definitely can get a good thrill while going at a good clip through the bay. It's so worth every single minute and I would do it again every week if I could! Capt'n Bob gives you such a personal experience while you're out there that you really feel like you're getting the first class treatment. You're not piled into a boat with a bunch of other people, it's like hanging out with a good friend on his boat for the day. It was the neatest thing to see my boyfriend steering a sailboat for the last half of the trip! Captain Bob knows what he is doing and I will definitely be telling everyone I know to check him out when they go to San Francisco next!