Reviews by Ellen H.
Ellen H.

I came upon this tour on the Vayable site, and thought it would be an interesting way to visit Athens for the first time... it did not disappoint! One could tell that Kostas was very enthusiastic about Athens' past with good reason -- its military and governmental history, the beauty and development of the national gardens and Zappeion, hidden architectural elements and characteristics of the Plaka area, smaller, narrower walkways known only to those in the immediate neighborhood, true examples of the "recycling" of building parts (and of structures used as prisons, horse stables and then to protect goods from pillaging) from the past to present...It all was very fascinating and brought to light by Kostas' unwavering ability to bring the past alive by his commentary on it all. The tour culminated with a birds eye view of the surrounding areas at the top of Philopapou hill as dusk settled in, with sounds of Greek celebration and singing in the far distance, a bit of wine and some Greek savories to complete the beautiful evening scene. Many Thanks to Kostas for bringing to life the history of the many hills of Athens!

Ellen H.

This being my first visit to Greece, what better way to experience Athens than with a food walking tour? Our guide, Melina, met with me and 5 other enthusiastic food explorers for an interesting walking tour that brought us through the neighborhood to places I would otherwise have passed by. Her knowledge and clear descriptions of the items we tried were very helpful to understanding the basics of Greek food -- from what bougatsa is, to showing us the original bakery for koulouri (the sesame bread rings one sees at a number of corner carts), to the differences between Greek versus Turkish coffee (they are the same thing, but depends on who you ask ;)), to medicinal uses of oregano and such. During the tour, one person was running a bit late, and Tina was able to this person to join our group for the rest of the the tour. I highly recommend this Food tour if you want to "get your feet wet" and have a wonderful tour guide to help you navigate the world of Greek foods and to taste some authentic Greek goodies. Many Thanks to Melina for her help in guiding us through the world of Greek foods :)

Reviews for Ellen H.
Kostas C.

Ellen is wonderful. We made Athens Hills together and we were just the 2 of us. I really enjoyed walking with her in Athens and despite the experience itself over Athens it was a great introduction for me and a new chance to have someone at California like her. Hope sooner or later we will do a tour for me there Ellen. Till then keep your great phonetics; )

Tina K.

It was a great pleasure to host Ellen on our food tour in Athens. She was very easy to communicate with and showed great interest towards understanding the local culture and people. Thank you Ellen!