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Christine K.

My time at Kibera was the highlight of my trip. It was not easy to witness the conditions there but my guide Nicholas was very proud of what has been accomplished there. He did a great job of showing me his home town. It was a very worthwhile tour and I think anyone who visits Nairobi should go.

Christine K.

What could be better than riding in a classic sports car through the French Alps with an experienced driver. Jean Luc delivers every thing he promises and more. We sped through the hair pin turns to reach a stopping point at the top for an incredible view, cruised through small French villages and hit the streets of Monte Carlo. Truly one enjoyable morning and an experience that left me with an appreciation for the rich history of the Monte Carlo Rally Roads.

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Jean Luc

"Monte-Carlo Rally Roads in a Classic Car". After our appointment in the center of Nice, we went straight to the mountain roads for 60 km of bends of all kinds. Even in these tough driving conditions Christine managed to enjoy the sceneries from the blue ALPINE A310 she had chosen. As a reward, we finished by a short pause in Monte Carlo, where she has been photographed by the car enthusiasts, forgetting for a while the other more common italian red sportscars. Christine enjoys the classic cars and it has been an enjoyment to answer all her questions, and moreover, we had great fun.