Reviews by Crystal Y.
Crystal Y.

Esther introduced us to some treasures hidden within the busy city of Rome! We loved going to the Jewish ghetto and walking to hidden churches that held such splendor and history. I wouldn't trade in our time with Esther for anything! She was wonderful and we loved her!

Crystal Y.

We loved Esther and loved this tour! The Aventine Hill is such a hidden treasure in the heart of Rome!! Esther is wonderful and we were so happy to explore Rome with her!

Reviews for Crystal Y.
Esther M.

Crystal Y arrived in Rome with her mother for the first time and choose two of the experiences I proposed to discover the hidden part of Rome; I was very excited because I'm new on Vayable and it was my first time too, even if I usually attend groups of people visiting Rome for my job! Crystal Y and her mother are really nice people, curios and interested in the experiences I shared, and in spite of being in Rome for the first time they always arrived on time to our appointments. The perfect people with whom share an experience!