Reviews by Rasha P.
Rasha P.

Wow! what a rush. It feels like we went every where and did every thing. The tour was well worth the money. I enjoyed all of the different modes of transportation that we utilized, and the market place we dropped in on was perfect; as were pubs. The things we did and the places we went were places I never would have located on my own. The tour guide Kathryn was great, she even took us to our final destination at the theater to catch a show near Victoria Station and the restaurant we were to eat at before the event. I would definitely do another tour with Kathryn again, with so much to see and do in London this tour is by far the best way to go. Rasha T.

Reviews for Rasha P.
Kathryn G.

Had lots of fun with Rasha and Daniel. We had quite adverse weather, which took a bit of a toll on our itinerary, but we powered on as much as we could. I took them to the Trinity Arms pub in Brixton - a little hidden gem - where they tried locally brewed flavoured beer - double chocolate stout and banana bread beer. We didn't get around to doing everything I was hoping to show them but in the end, our afternoon was chilled out and was a great opportunity for a good bout of conversation.