Reviews by Jennifer H.
Jennifer H.

Warm, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and kind — Elisa gives a wonderful tour of a neighborhood that is not on the tourist radar but has very interesting sights/sites. She has researched the history of Buenos Aires and how Caballito developed from a gaucho crossroads and cattle station into a summer place for the rich and now a thriving “real” neighborhood of Porteños. The result is a tour in which you are shown how bits of the old district still exist in the new city: a lovely market, great neighborhood architecture, a beautiful Belle Epoque cafe, a quirky milonga, and other spots that only locals know about. Enjoyed this tour very much. Learned a lot, walked a lot, laughed a lot. Elisa was a great guide and has put together an experience you could not have on your own. Highly recommended for those interested in architecture, culture, and conversation to gain an understanding of the real Buenos Aires and its people. Thank you, Elisa.

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Vincent S.

The guests asked to change the experience to Sunday Nov. 30th which I was fine to accommodate as the important part to be a local guide/host is to be flexible and to provide great experience(s) and understand travelers changes. We will start earlier (10am), cross the Chao Phraya river and pedal to this new part of town that has lovely bicycle lanes and shows how was Bangkok about 30 years ago.