Reviews by Emily W.
Emily W.

What an awesome tour! Michael P. is truly a first rate tour guide, historian and passionate native New Yorker. Immediately upon meeting him in City Hall Park, his first question for us was "what are you most interested in seeing and learning about?". He was so open to personalizing the experience and tailoring our walking excursion to our individual interests. Rather than offering a canned or scripted "touristy" tour, Michael took us on a fascinating journey through the both known and little-known historical points of interest in Old NYC. He masterfully wove a tapestry that combined architectural, historical, political and cultural details with stories of unrest, uprisings and the American struggle for peace, freedom and justice. With each corner we turned or narrow cobblestone street we walked down, Michael would captivate us with historical facts and tales of human triumph. There is perhaps no better way to explore New York City than on foot - rather than a crowded tour bus...and there is no better guide than Michael Pellagatti.

Reviews for Emily W.
Michael P.

It was a joy conducting a tour, and sharing my knowledge with Emily and her folks. I would gladly do the honor again, should she decide to visit New York City again in the future!