Reviews - Jean C.

Jane C.

Jean was a wonderful guide. He made sure that we would be able to find our way back to the Metro, and he tailored the tour to those things in which we were interested. Along the way, he proved himself a charming and knowledgeable companion, telling us of small historical details that we would never have known otherwise. His English is superb, and he put us at ease from the very beginning. I highly recommend this tour.


Jean was amazing! We had such a fun time walking through and exploring the flea market. He's very knowledgeable and if you're looking for something in particular he's happy to cater the tour to what you're interested in. He's very kind and we had a blast! Lots of beautiful things to see and buy.

Aaron P.

Thoroughly enjoyed my time with Jean as we strolling the many flea markets that make up Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. Jean was adept at laying out the general plan of the Markets, and guiding me through the many small alleys and entry ways that are so easily missed by an overwhelmed 1st-timer. We began the tour in English (his English is perfect) but switched to French for the most part, which helped me in my language learning. At the end, I felt that he'd helped me develop enough comfort and confidence to return to Les Puces on my own, and enjoy. Recommended !!



Lora L.

Jean is so nice and worked very hard to help us find our market treasures.. He is knowledgeable about the history of the area which made our experience interesting. He also helps with the bartering. It was a great time. We highly recommend.

Chelsea B.

This tour is a must do if you're traveling to Paris! Jean can cater the tour to your interests, which makes this experience even more unique! Jean was very welcoming and made my boyfriend and I feel very comfortable! We had a blast walking around and exploring with Jean. There is SO much to see and in various nook and crannies that Jean knows very well! Trust me on this, you should definitely book this experience! You won't regret it!

May H.
May H. for Following the Seine Through Paris

Jean was wonderful! He was friendly, knowledgeable and took me to places I never would have found nor would have explored. You could tell he loved Paris and French history! It was so great to see and learn about Paris from the eyes of a local! As this was my first trip to Paris, he gave me very helpful suggestions about how to get around to some of his favorite restaurants. You can't go wrong walking by the Seine with Jean.

Linda B.

I booked two Vayable tours for my first visit to Paris last week, and both were wonderful experiences! Jean was such a pleasant and interesting companion to the huge Paris flea market. I wound up staying for 3 more hours after we parted, because he had helped me become so comfortable with my surroundings and we both knew I would be able to find my way back to the metro. I found a few great momentos of my time in Paris at the market, and I don't think I would have had the nerve to go there alone. I would highly recommend the Vayable experience and especially the flea market tour with Jean!!!

Yvette F.

Jean Christophe lead us through the Paris flea markets on a Saturday at the end of September and we couldn't have been more pleased with him being our guide! There is no way we could have navigated the maze of the flea markets without him. Prior to our arrival in Paris, I emailed JC some things that our group was interested in and he catered the tour to our interests. Very personal touch. Everyone in our group bought something and we had a great time just browsing and being amazed at everything for sale there. He took us into a little house that (there are a few) that have been converted into flea market shops. Was such a good time! I would highly recommend JC as your guide for the flea markets!