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Graham B.

My fiancée and I were a bit weary of Athens upon arrival. At first glance, it's a bit unkempt; garbage and debris litter the streets, graffiti covers the scenescapes from city walls to every train car that Metro operates, drivers seemingly operate on little more than whim. But once the surface is scratched, and as its many layers are carefully peeled back, the beauty of Athens becomes readily apparent. Sometimes it takes a good native to expose the underbelly and the myriad secrets that a great metropolis is slow to show. Tina fits that bill perfectly. We are major foodies, so this tour appealed to us from the jump. However, we are both very skeptical of the typical tour experience. As such, we were looking for something genuine and authentic without the canned, on-the-rails experience that is typical of too many tours. Thanks to Vayable, we were able to find this tour, which met our criteria and quelled the skepticism before long. Even if you're not a foodie, this tour is the ideal way to get your bearings in Athens and acquire a general sense of the cultural importance of cuisine in Greece. Only by venturing off the beaten path, and into those alleys and crevices which Tina has deftly mapped out for the lucky, do we begin to peel back those layers and behold the truly beautiful aspects of an ancient culture that continues to thrive and bristle despite economic turbulence. Tina is an exceptional guide. Her love of the subject matter is obvious; at every turn she's ready and eager to compare and contrast culinary or cultural nuances, and does so with a passion that incites curiosity and appetite. More than just food, this tour is a window into the finest aspects of Grecian culture. Though I won't soon forget a single thing about it, I'd happily take the tour again upon returning to Athens.