Reviews by Linsey M.
Linsey M.

If you love the show and want to head out on a tour that will actually show you everything, then let Yen take you out there! The big tours in busses can only go certain places and try to please everybody and in the end it's just... 'basic'. But with Yen, you're going to get a private tour of the island, taking you to places busses can't reach and if you'd like to spend more time somewhere, or do anything specific she'll be able to accommodate that. Beyond that, she's a fan of the show herself and has been on it, so she knows what she's talking about, not just reading some kind of script, and you'll be kept entertained along the way between places. It was the best tour I did while on the island and the four hours just flew by. Take advantage of her local knowledge, too. She'll point you in the right direction for other fun stuff to do while on vacation!