Socratis G.

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My name is Sokratis (socrates) and I work and live in Athensall my life. I have studied physics and I currently work in a family owned textile business in Greece.

Traveling is my passion and I want to inspire friends and people around me to share this passion. My big hobby is boating and sea traveling. I had owned a sailboat for many years participating in sailing regattas in Greece. Currently own a motorboat and when I have time I do long journeys in the Greek archipelago islands and Turkey coast with family and friends.

I know many secret corners and beautiful anchorages in this Eastern corner of the Mediterranean sea. One of these places are the Temples of Karthea which is only 1 hour cruise from Athens Coast. The 2 temples recently are fully restored from the Greek Ministry and rarely visited by anyone since there is no road to go there! I believe that my listed experience is a unique opportunity to combine Great natural surroundings and ancient culture.