Reviews by Ruth H.
Ruth H.

Walking around the Caballito with Elisa makes you feel like you are part of Buenos Aires and not a tourist. Walking in the market place and eating empanadas made in front of your eyes, seeing the cathedral where Pope Francis was baptized, going to a tango club where the real locals go, and see the beautiful, quiet streets of the English District just immerses you in the flavor of the area that Elisa loves and wants you to love. Elisa is a wonderful guide because she loves her city and shows you things that the tourist does not usually see. Elisa is full of knowledge and is constantly expanding that knowledge. Time just flew by and left us wishing for even more!!

Ruth H.

If you want to experience Buenos Aires a very different way from the tour books, try Jewels off the Beaten Path. Elisa will show you The Abasto Mall where there is a kosher McDonalds and beautiful architecture. You will feel the real pulse and "feel" of the city as you walk with Elisa and see the neighborhood of Carlos Gardel, the King of Tango. The best is that Elisa really knows her city and she is always learning more about Buenos Aires! Her talk is not a talk she gives by memory but by love!At the end of your "experience" you will really have a feel for this amazing city.