Esben B.

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I am a young guy with a lot of enthusiasm and passion for this unique and beautiful capital of Denmark.

Combining my studies of a bachelor in history and an ongoing master in tourism this is an exiting way of showing visitors what is most fantastic about the life in Copenhagen.
Since December 2013 I have been working a student job as a tour guide for a local company showing groups of about 30 people around the city and presenting my favorite local locations.

Reviews for Esben B.
Santiago V.

Recommended! What a great tour! Esben is very knowledgeable of the city, not just from a current perspective but also from the history. Ask about a landmark and Esben has the history and the anecdotes ready to go. Ask for a place to eat, he knows 3 or more places that fit exactly what you like. The only downside is that we couldn't do it longer.