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Reviews by Nikkie G.
Nikkie G.

I cannot say enough good things about Stephanie. My Husband & I along with our baby daughter came to Paris this month and hired Stephanie for a birthday photoshoot for our daughter's 1st birthday. Stephanie was on time, patient, nice, and so well versed not only in the city of Paris but most importantly as a photographer. She was so patient with us, especially because we went from a few different locations( our apartment, to bakery, to park near Eiffel tower, to carousel and then to the River). Stephanie gave us her undivided attention and was full of great ideas for the photoshoot. (I have to be very honest in saying that we have already worked with 2-3 photographers back in the US for our daughter, but I would say hands down Stephanie was the best!!!!)I really wish i could have a Stephanie in USA with us, for these special events. Its a shame that she is in Paris and not in New York and Chicago( where we are from). I will also say that Stephanie managed to get 100's of amazing pictures of our little girl as well as of us as a family. There were some very artistic shots that she took, that truly took our breath away. We had no idea she was quickly getting so many amazing pictures, our expectations were exceeded to say the least. Overall, just meeting Stephanie and spending over 2 hours with her during my daughters' birthday was such a great experience. I would advise any couple, or parents or anyone visiting Paris to hire her, because you feel like you have your own personal photographer with you for the day and you can get so many candid, artistic pictures that you couldn't get if you were trying to take the pictures yourself. It is money and time very well spent if you can hire Stephanie, we regret we didnt come to Paris sooner, we would've hired her for a photoshoot for our engagement, wedding and even newborn baby:) I could definitely say that not only will we be back to the city of lights, but when we do come back, we will be hiring Stephanie again to capture the amazing moments that were so invaluable to our trip and our memories of Paris. I wish I could say so much more, because the pictures she has given us and Stephanie's ability to capture such priceless moments especially on our daughter's birthday was such a terrific and special part of our trip to Paris!! Thank you Stephanie! We cannot wait to see you and work with you again( we will come soon as we have a few more kids and more birthdays to celebrate in Paris, very soon!!!;)) We felt like a family of celebrities having Stephanie in our entourage on our special day in Paris!! :) Its a great deal and well worth it all the way, plus she includes a really cute musical slideshow with all the pictures for you to see and to share with family/friends.