Güney K.

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I am currently a student and doing my major on Comparative Literature.

What I'm good at apart from books is basically organizing events, making things come together and making sure everything runs smoothly.

I guess this is the case because I'm good at communication. I know how to handle people from different walks of life.

On top of that, I love showing "1st"anbul to people. I've already had millions of foreigner friends who visit me every now and then.

Art, history, nightlife and most importantly, distinctive energy of 1stanbul made me love this city the moment my brain started perceiving things. A Brazilian friend of mine said:

"Dude, you don't choose Istanbul. Istanbul chooses you."

I'm not of a person to rely on quotations. However, this one does reflect my point of view:

"The person I haven't met is a book I haven't read."

Reviews for Güney K.

Guney is a personable and well-informed guide to some of the edgier parts of the Belogyu scene -- in particular the street art of the neighborhood. I thoroughly enjoyed his company and recommend him to anyone who is keen to take a well informed and eclectic tour of this amazing part of Istanbul. He is smart and fun and is happy to speak about all facets of Anatolian life!