Reviews - Tom G.

Sumana H.

Tom was a delight to spend time with. He is well-travelled, knowledgeable about food and fun to be with. I would eat with him anywhere!

The P.

From our guide Yaya in Mexico City: Starting our tour in Col. Roma, I immediately became aware that Tom was an experienced traveler. Having its benefits to being more open to eating new foods, taking back streets and not being afraid of the chaos of the largest city in the world. Tom was a great companion, we talked about our work, family, and our experiences in other countries. We ate traditional food from a Mercado, Esquites (grilled corn) Pambazo (sub sandwich). We traveled in the subway to down town Historic Center there we saw a number of things, Murals of Diego Rivera, the Metropolitan Cathedral, New projects like Down Town a renovated colonial building with boutiques and bars and restaurants. Finishing the day we sat and people watched in the Salon Corona had a drink and ate a Turkey Torta and tacos de Romeritos (shrimp and mole). All in all the perfect way to spend a day at work getting to know a stranger, telling the history of Mexico and showing them your city.