Brian G.

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I am calm, stoic, quiet, and still. I am decadent, anxious, brash, and mobile. I tend to speak only when necessary and occasionally out of line. I am deftly competent, slyly knowledgeable, and without hesitation, street smart and self-aware. I am Portland.

I am also Brian. Hello.

After a quarter-century of navigating around Detroit, I sold my ride and moved to the wonder that is the Pacific Northwest. Nearly a decade later, I am proud to be a true pedestrian of Portland, Oregon.

I have walked and hiked this city and its trails for years. I want to now show you around on foot.

Reviews for Brian G.
Paige C.

This was the perfect mix of urban experience, outdoor adventure and spectacular views of the city. Brian has hiked these trails many times and his experience and passion shows. I am a local who hadn't spent much time hiking the hills of Portland so it was nice to be led by someone who is knowledgeable and genuinely enjoys being on the trails. This was a peaceful tour that has me wanting more.