Elfie X.

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Even though her tours are far from doused in terminology, Elfie prefers to have terms such as “flying buttress”, “structural analysis” and the like at hand. She therefore conducts tours in English or in Greek, but can drop an explanation or two in German or French, if called for.
Since she tends to want to know almost everything about almost everything, becoming an architect was almost inevitable. Her focus is on the history of art and architecture, as well as on indoor/outdoor public space design. She looks at historical shifts with honest, nevertheless restrained astonishment, but intemperately cherishes the kind of historical trivia which reveal the continuity of human everyday habits.
She doesn’t enjoy lengthy lecturing: During the tours questions, observations and opinions are invited. Cordially.

Reviews for Elfie X.
Emma L.

I had a wonderful time in the Mauerpark, especially with the Sunday market. The visit was really interesting, and Elfie was very helpful with everything which deals with Berlin, architecture and urbanism. Thank you very much!

Chiara D.

This tour was fantastic! Effie is incredibly knowledgeable both in the history of Mauerpark and of Berlin in general. She was well prepared, on time and a great tour guide. If you are interested in issues of urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture this tour will give you insight that isn't offered by other tours in Berlin.