Adrian E.

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I have been in Costa Rica for the last 8 years, graduated from high school here, and had the privilege to live here with my family. I am originally from Vancouver Canada, though I feel more Costa Rican (Tico) then Canadian.

Through my years in high school I was able to meet and connect with many families who have tourism and hospitality businesses all the way across the country. From hotel owners, to small restaurants in the mountains next to the volcanoes, to friends in Government.

I have been from coast to coast in Central America, and know Costa Rica like the back of my hand.

The lifestyle, people and culture is amazing, and like nothing else you will experience anywhere in the world. Healthy fresh local food, amazing sunshine, welcoming culture, and a good value for money spent on the ground for tourism activities.

If you want to see Costa Rica like how the locals live or if you want to enjoy the finest possible experiences with the best tourism operators, I know them all personally. Everyt... [More]