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I'm originally from New York, but I spent much of my youth in Ohio and later moved to Japan after spending a year in that country as a high school exchange student. After getting an undergraduate degree in Japanese and a master's degree in modern Japanese literature at Ohio State University, I moved back to Japan more or less permanently, living there until 2000 when I relocated with my family to Santa Rosa.

My parents were bird watchers. Although many of my early birding memories are unpleasant ones (my brother and I, being children, acted like children and too often scared away the birds--to the annoyance of my father), I seem to have learned something and came back to bird watching of my own volition as an adult. Today I enjoy photographing birds, in particular.

When not looking for birds, I work as a Japanese to English translator, but I am also an artist. I am self-taught and active in a range of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, and, of course, photography. My work is i... [More]

Reviews for Colin T.
Phyllis F.

We are back from our vacation and back into the grind of work...and reflecting happily on our birding adventure with Colin. It was a perfect experience for us. We have been packing our binoculars around for years and were thrilled to find a local expert in Sonoma County who could show us the hot spots and point out the natives species. The day was highlighted by two new birds to our life list ( White-faced Ibis and Northern Rough Winged Swallow) and the best clam chowder in Bodega Bay. We enjoyed the commentary during our travels ( Petaluma to Bodega Bay) and the extra sight seeing opportunities - hats off to Alfred Hitchcock! We appreciated that Colin took the time to create a detailed list of all we saw and identified - 72 different species in one day is amazing. Although the wine tasting in Sonoma is not to be missed, you will not be sorry if you add a birding experience with Colin to your Sonoma vacation. Thank you Colin, for making this vacation the best one ever to beautiful Sonoma.

Arion L.

We had a truly wonderful time with Colin. He generously shared his time and extensive knowledge without overloading us newbies. His pace, assist in finding the bird, and subsequent comments made for an easy flow. As my father said: "I will never look at a bird in the same way again." Thank you Colin!! The Lochner family.


We are by no means "birders" and had no sense of what the Sonoma area had to offer, so it seemed like a reasonable idea to look up a local resident who could show us the around, Colin did not disappoint. Weather wise it was perfect, sunny, not to warm, with just a light breeze. On Colin’s recommendation we focused on the area around Bodega Bay, and spots like Bodega Head, Campbell Cove and Rail ponds to name but a few. As I say we’re not experienced birders but we know when viewing wild life, every day is what you make it and on this day, this was particularly true. In early June our timing for bird watching couldn’t have been more challenging. Most migratory species have pass through and breeding is near its end. Despite that, and in between filling us in on local history and lore, Colin was able to identify some 40 odd different birds species, some so nondescript I missed them even, when in plain view (in my defense I could claim the first sighting of sea lions “surfing” at Bodega head). All in all we had a marvelous time discovering the area. Colin was a great choice in helping make day even more enjoyable. Thank you Colin, this was one of the high-lights of our trip.