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HI there and welcome. My name is William Boswell and I am known locally as a "Cape Coloured" a descendant of a combination of African, European and Asian bloodlines.
I am indeed a family man with us having a family inclusive of six kids having adopted three due to various circumstances. What a challenge this has proved to be but is far out-weighed by the reward in not only seeing their development into adulthood but becoming self-reliant.

Growing up as a teenager within the realm of Cape Town could at times prove daunting especially considering our controversial past and the former governance with an evil system aptly called "Apartheid".
One particular day the headmaster announced that we should go home immediately as the situation on the Cape Flats was particularly volatile. This being at the height of the Apartheid struggle with the government of the National Party deciding to take a stance of zero tolerance by implementing a State of Emergency.
As I was running home, a 14 year old boy forming a ... [More]