I was born in Rome, raised up between the gorgeous hills of Tuscany and the fascinating countryside of Sabina,and yes I know, that sounds arcadian. Tunisia enchanted me, but I was too young to appreciate the treasures of that culture (when you have 5 years old all you want from the desert is get the chance to travel by camel... check!). I had the chance to visit Ireland, and deeply fell in love with it, then I shivered a bit in Poland where at least I learned an important thing: even if you're not used to have warm cognac in the morning, there's a first time for everything. Then, after high school, I packed up and got a flight to Melbourne to meet part of my family, there I saw the most amazing nature I've ever seen, and coped with the funniest domestic invasion: Did you ever tried to make yourself a cup of coffee while a possum is on your table?Well, I did. When I finally came back to Rome I started University and here we are, I'm graduated in Art History and running my currently studies in cultural exc... [More]