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Steven A.

Our tour guide in Istanbul was Umut, who did an amazing job showing us some of the highlights of Turkish cuisine. The tour was great; much better than we had expected. We went to at least five different locations, all of which served some killer meals. Not only was Umut friendly and engaging, he was extremely knowledgeable not just about the foods we were trying, but how it compared to other regional foods. Throughout the tour, he went to great lengths to ensure we were enjoying our experience and was extremely flexible, taking into account our expectations and preferences. Moreover, he was an equally competent guide of culture, history, art, etc. While walking between food locations, he would point out important landmarks and explain their significance. Overall, I highly recommend this tour to any traveler looking for a more intimate view of Turkish cuisine and culture. Thanks again, Umut!

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Steven and Mariah are great people. They are kind, easygoing, respectful and they have a good taste From the beginning till the end, I enjoyed their company and it was just a pleasure to experince their reactions and finally their happiness by tasting the most selected turkish food.


Steve is a great guest.he is dinamic and always is a great pleasure to meet him.