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Hello, I'm Kate, but since I am originally from Moscow, my name would be Katia. Before moving to Florence back in 2010, I was a headhunter (yep) that graduated Lomonosov State University of Moscow in HR with a very, very good career. That was until I found myself stuck in the office from dusk till dawn, or in some heavy Moscow traffic. That was when I decided that we only live once, and that it is time for Big Changes. So I enrolled to the Florence State University to the faculty of Arts, and graduated it in April of 2015. When I was on the last year of studies, I also enrolled to the Dante Alighieri Academy, where I got my Tour Guide license. Never ever have I had any regrets of leaving Moscow behind - I fell in love with Florence since I first came here as a child. That is why I adore my work as a tour guide: presenting Florence to my clients may compare to presenting fiancee to my parents: it is exciting and emotional to see you falling in love with this city!