Reviews by Petr S.
Petr S.

The trip with Alexandra was fabulous. She is very knowledgeable and will lead you through paths you would not find. And she'll unveil their history for you on top of that! Timing was great at this time of year (late August). We got to see the full moon rising over the bay just as we ascended the Twin Peaks. The way down was as interesting as the way up. Houses lining the narrow twisted roads and stairways, running down from Tank Hill, offered us magical views through the windows (a picture of Napoleon hanging in a Victorian style room with red curtains on the walls). If you're "too cool for a bus" like me, then you'll really enjoy this hike!

Reviews for Petr S.
Alexandra K.

Petr was great to hike with! He had a great spirit of adventure and a great attitude. He'd be an asset to any tour.