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What story links my four-&-counting Vayable "experiences": :-) ???





After a fairly long "lifetime" of focusing on "big issues" --

like the continuous-since-Black Sept 2008 global economic crisis --

I've realized how bad this focus is for my soul :-).

Everything is such a mess everywhere - too painful for an old dude like me.

So I decided I needed to follow my other - more constructive ;-) - big passions: DANCING in particular, PARTYING in general

Hence, my first Vayable experience: SF DANCE PARTY / HAPPY HOURS

Much nicer general environment, where the emphasis for me is making it easier for people to HAVE FUN :-)

At the same time, in the only good line from Godfather III, re the wretched state of the world today,

"every time I think I'm out, they keep pullin' me back in !!!"

That is, with the best intentions on their part, lots of people still want... [More]

Reviews for Dr D.
Roger S.
Roger S. for SF Dance Party / Happy Hours

Our evening with Dr. Dave was wonderful!! We wanted to check out the SF dance/party scene and left the site up to him. What he recommended for us was a private launch party for the Rojas Agency in the Redwood Room at the Clift Hotel. He gave us a link to the organizer’s website so we could add our names to the guest list. Dr Dave met us at the BART station as we had agreed. Before we went to the party he took us on a guided walk around South San Francisco Bay, near Oyster Point. It was a great introduction to the area and gave us time to get acquainted with him and get an overview of the Bay area. He has several walk routes with differing levels of difficulty, depending on how active his clients are. We chose a relatively level walk around the bay. Since he’s lived in SF a number of years he knows the history, sights and people of San Francisco inside and out, so it was a walking history lesson for us. After dinner we headed out to the party. One of the great things about an evening with Dr Dave is that he provides door to door service. His car is only a year or two old so it is very comfortable. When we arrived at the Clift Hotel Dr Dave dropped us at the door while he parked. The line for the event had a hundred or more people in it and it appeared that the wait would be over an hour, although we were on the guest list. This is where booking with Dr Dave paid off! We were waiting in line when he got back from parking his car. He saw us at the end of the line, motioned for us to come to the front of the line and we were inside within 45 seconds! His contacts saved us a long, chilly wait in line. Once we were inside Dr Dave gave us an overview of the venue and the event. We walked around the room while he gave us the history of the Redwood Room. He then left us to enjoy the event, checking back periodically to make sure that we didn’t need anything. It was a perfect introduction to the San Francisco scene. The crowd was glamorous and the people-watching was worth the price of the tour. Take his tour – you’ll love it!!

Reviews by Dr D.
Dr D.
Dr D. for Homeless for a Day

This sounds like a fantastic thing, Milton ... I see a lot of homeless people and there's no doubt their lives are incredibly hard ... I hope this is a HUGE success, and it helps you stabilize your situation ... homelessness is a terrible thing that too many people - in SF / the US / the whole world - have no choice but to face ... good luck ...

Dr D.
Dr D. for Midnight Street Food Crawl

Not a review, but a question about what sounds like a totally cool thing ... :-) ... is the food consumed INCLUDED in the USD 60 - or is it extra :-) ??? Either way is fine with me, just trying to figure out how Jeff manages that ... thanks so much ... :-) ...