Reviews by Michael B.
Michael B.

We can't thank Kathryn enough for our wonderful 4 hour excursion in London. She was friendly, well prepared, knowledgeable, and selected a flexible list of places to visit and experience. Her knowledge of the local establishments, economy and lifestyle was amazing and she lead the excursion at a pace that was comfortable for us. Our time spent with her was the highlight of our stay in London. We would highly recommend Kathryn to anyone who wants to see and enjoy parts of London the normal tourist would never see.

Reviews for Michael B.
Kathryn G.

I spent the most lovely sunday with Michael and Donna. It felt as though we were old family friends catching up. I took them to places that I've been to before, but we also visited the New River (which is actually 400 years old) which was a first for both me and my explorers. One of the many beauties of London is that you will always find new places to explore that even locals have never heard of before. When the day comes to visit California, I will most definitely take up Michael and Donna's invitation to stay with them.