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A travel enthusiast, who loves travelling deep into remote corners around the world and live like a local. I love mountains, love outdoor esp. trekking and climbing; have set my feet on mountains in 5 continents and over 40 countries. Drawn to Himalaya and have been trekking into different areas in Himalaya many times. Recently returned back from East African Acacia Savannas, and successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa.
I became a freelance tour leader about 5 years ago, specializing leading small groups into less-visited areas around the world. Now starting my own travel company, and hope I can share with more people the amazing places that I’ve visited.
I enjoy exploring the wildness in Australia; sometimes I find a spot on the map and simply pack my tent and look for new routes. Thus I’m good at finding unique routes and less-known places in and around Melbourne; such as secret beautiful beaches that you can have for your own, ancient forest with waterfalls, remote f... [More]