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I'm the typical Italian woman, petit, brown hair and brown eyes. This is the description I've always given of myself when I was abroad, with people who had no clue of my personal life, of my family, my friends and hardly knew where Italy is actually situated.

I was born in the country with the highest percentage of UNESCO's heritage sites worldwide, where even the stones have a story to tell, and where it is possible to spend an entire dinner talking about food, water and wine.

I love my country, the beauties, the culture and the way of communicating.

I also hate Italy as it is the messiest country in Europe, it is highly disorganised and the concept of 'on time' can be interpreted in several ways except the proper one.

But let's say something more about my working experience!

After graduating magna cum laude at the Università Roma Tre in Lettere, which is a mix of Humanities, Social Sciences, History and Literature, I started in 1998-1999 to work in journalism and communication, mainly i... [More]