Navigador R.

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Percussionist musician in pop music, reggae, salsa, world music, I made the audio engineer, for musical concerts, touring in plays, cinema, dance, theater.
I consider myself curious of life, I am fatally attracted to other cultures and from new experiences, are creative by default, passion for innovation;
I'm solar in personal life and friendly, with woman romantic and passionate, I love to cook, I love the sea, the lagoon of Venice, the nature above and below water, travel, sailing, my passions are visual arts and multimedia, the new technologies and tools for web browsing.

Reviews for Navigador R.
Walter T.

Great experience! This was an excellent way to discover the true way of living onto Venetians boats, Nothing to do with the usual boring tourist offerings! For us it was an authentic experience and we could visit some islands that otherwise would have been impossible to visit. Thank you Roberto!

Heather R.

The food was excellent, however, the tour was not so. It was freezing and the boat went extremely slow. We thought we would be able to go through the canals, but this was just on the lagoon. Not worth the money. We spent over an hour getting to a small island to eat lunch and getting there and back was freezing. The boat is very old and rickety and there is not really a comfortable place to sit. Robert is very nice though and should work on this tour to make it better.