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Linda B.
Linda B. for Navigate Paris

I truly cannot thank Anne enough for the confidence and enthusiasm she gave me for this amazing city. This was my first big trip alone, and I was very nervous about many aspects of it....until my first morning, with Anne at my side! Making this connection through Vayable was the best decision of my trip! Anne's tips led to many wonderful memories, long after our short time together. I'll sound like I'm gushing to list her attributes....adorable, personable, practical, knowledgable, fun....and somehow able to instantly make you feel like you are an old friend. I will return to Paris and I will book another tour with Anne :-)

Linda B.

I booked two Vayable tours for my first visit to Paris last week, and both were wonderful experiences! Jean was such a pleasant and interesting companion to the huge Paris flea market. I wound up staying for 3 more hours after we parted, because he had helped me become so comfortable with my surroundings and we both knew I would be able to find my way back to the metro. I found a few great momentos of my time in Paris at the market, and I don't think I would have had the nerve to go there alone. I would highly recommend the Vayable experience and especially the flea market tour with Jean!!!

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Anne D.

Fantastic visit with Linda!!