Reviews by Antonina G.
Antonina G.

We very much enjoyed our day of walking, talking and shopping with Emrah. His extensive knowledge of Istanbul's history, culture and day-to-day life are only exceeded by his ability to communicate them. His English is perfect and his presentation skills make time pass quickly. Emrah will leave you feeling good with shopping bags in hand, a head full of new knowledge and a warm feeling in your heart for Emrah and Istanbul. We would recommend that any visitor to Istanbul plan to spend a day with Emrah.

Antonina G.

Our day with Tansel was filled with delicious food, enjoyable conversation, an exchange of knowledge and anecdotes as well as Tansel's in-depth knowledge of Istanbul. Tansel was best when he held forth on the varieties and methods of preparation of Turkish food, and a day with him on this tour provides food for thought as well as for the stomach. Antonina and I wish Tansel good luck with his ongoing diet, his self-control during our food binge was marvelous, and we congratulate him an advance on the imminent birth of his child.

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Tansel K.

It was great hosting Todd and Tanya. During our visit through the historical peninsula, we talked about a lot of things: the Roman civilization, politics, food, Thailand and many more. It was a lot of fun for me and I can recommend hosting them with all my heart. They are fun, they are punctual and very friendly. Highly recommended. A+++++.