Reviews by Natalia

I would like to start by saying if you have time, I highly recommend anyone do all the 3 tours that Elisa offers. They are all so different, incredibly interesting and most importantly give you a fantastic overview of different periods in history - from the gauchos' gatherings and local markets and birth of tango, via Art Nouveau that touched the architecture of Buenos Aires in the 20's-30's and all the way to the recent tragic events of the 1976-1983 dictatorship period. I attended all three and they were the highlight of my trip to Argentina/ Buenos Aires. I found Elisa incredibly well read and educated as well as very passionate. More specifically to this tour. You will spend around 3 hours in one part of the city (you will be amazed how central it is considering what was going on there!....). So unlike the other tours Elisa offers - where we walked a lot - this one is "centred" around this one site (so a good idea to combine it with one of the other 2 if you are thinking of doing 2 tours in a day). Given how recent this slice of history is, it really is important one learns about it if you want a full picture of the make up of Argentina today. And what a better way to learn about it than from a local who lived through it ?!..... I appreciated very much the personal account of certain events Elisa and her family lived through and what an honour to have an opportunity to learn about it all first hand from such a passionate, interesting, educated lady! Come prepared with some questions - Elisa is a rich source of knowledge about her beloved country!