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We will take you to The Horseback Riding Tour in Tequila Jalisco. This is an exciting experience full of adventure.

State of Jalisco

The state of Jalisco, worldwide known as “The Land of Tequila and Mariachi”, is a beautiful state with altitudes ranging from 4500 to 6000 feet. Therefore the state provides us with the perfect weather all year long. It’s always nice and chilly during the night and during daytime the suns warms everything up. The rainy season, from June to September, may bring a few hours of rain but the sun will be present almost every day. This nice moderate weather, combined with its well established reputation for superior horsemanship, makes Jalisco a magnificent place for horse fanatics!

Lagos de Moreno, a beautiful colonial city in Jalisco, UNESCO World heritage, and recently named Magic Town by the Mexican Tourism Board, which throughout the centuries, has managed to keep its prestige, to that extent that its zone with historical monuments is officially recognized and it... [More]