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Jennie Walker (aka JennieGirl) is the founder JennieGirl LLC, which is focused on styling and archival clothing and co-founder of Walker/Viden Luxury Consignment in Pasadena, CA. She also served as a Fashion Merchandiser Coordinator for top brands and as a stylist. She operates her own ecommerce and styling business via Poshmark and ebay and through a showroom in Pasadena, CA called JennieGirl's Closet. She hosts an iTunes podcast "Closet Conversations" which covers the resale and consignment sections of retail and several Facebook Groups "JennieGirl Loves Consignment, Resale and Retail" and "JennieGirl Loves Moschino"

Jennie is also a singer/songwriter (her album "Night Flight to London" is on iTunes) and a Fashion Obsessed Female, with 30 years of experience consigning her own clothing in Atlanta, New York City and the Hampton's, offers expertise and shopping tips for the those looking for the very best designer items available in New York City. She has personally consigned or purchased from each s... [More]

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I found myself in NYC for business with a few extra hours before my return flight on Saturday. Spending it with Jennie was perfect! It felt like shopping with an old friend -- one with really great taste, and deep knowledge about the city and consignment shopping. Chat with her in advance about your taste and she will customize your tour and help you scout the racks. She even sent me off to the airport with subway instructions and a snack! DON'T MISS JENNIE for a unique NYC shopping experience!


She knows her stuff, super nice. She helped do a custom tour of more men's stores. Thanks.

Adrienne B.

Where do you find pristine designer duds at deep discounts? JennieGirl knows! The NYC Best Consignment Shops tour is a great way to boost your "in the know" shopping experiences in the greatest city in the world. Yes, you, can shop on Madison Avenue, just like the ladies who lunch on the society pages. Jennie makes it interesting with her knowledge of consignment shops, their history & little known facts. She makes it fun because she clearly loves fashion and speaks about the designers like they are old friends. The personalized service and further discounts she can offer through the tour made me feel special and the experience valuable. By the way, I'm an Image Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist. Shopping is my job...and I was impressed. Do yourself a favor, gather your friends and join Jennie for a high end experience at an affordable price!

Beth L.

As an event planner in New York City planning itineraries for corporate groups visiting the city, I am always trying out new activities to offer to my very demanding corporate groups. And I’m pretty picky… Last week some friends and I took the “Consignment Shop” tour with Jenny. It was such a fantastic day. Jenny set up the perfect route for us to visit some of the best consignment shops in NYC. She gave us a bit of history on each shop along with some fun facts and advised us on what they had to offer once inside. Jenny explained to us the layout of each shop, by designer and price which helped us to navigate and saved on time. Because of Jenny’s relationship with the shop owners she was able to obtain further discounts for us to the already marked down prices. Not to mention the tour takes place in a fantastic neighborhood. I didn’t get away without buy anything myself, although I tried. I found an incredible Diane von Fürstenberg jacket for only $80 which is great for work or with jeans for a more casual look. I also found a Betsy Johnson black velvet jumper for $60, brand new with the tag still on. This was a much edgier piece to wear out on the town. It was a perfect day out with the ladies, easy on the wallet and Jenny could not be a nicer person to work with. I will definitely be adding this to my list of activities to offer to my clients in my own business. And, I highly recommend you take this tour with Jenny. You will not want to miss it!!!


I was lucky enough to have booked a private tour with Jennie -- and it was totally worth it! I was a bit worried that these would be like every other consignment shop I had been to -- nope! Jennie knows THE BEST ones in NYC. We went to four of them and it took me all afternoon. I found some amazing pieces including a Cavalli jacket for less than $80, and a Chanel vest for $50 in perfect condition! Plus, because Jennie has worked with each store (or most of them, because she has an impressive closet herself, apparently), we got top notch service at each store! This is a really great tour because it takes you through a great neighborhood, and each consignment shop is totally different, and Jennie makes each one super exciting. Definitely worth an afternoon if you want to do some major designer shopping on a budget!

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Jennie W.
Jennie W. for Busking the NYC Underground

My review of your tour on April 19th - The New York Subway literally came to life during the Vayable Busking Tour of the Underground. What I once considered background noise came front and center stage to charm and delight me with the raw authenticity that can only come from performers in the subway. It was clear to me as a silent witness, that these subway performers sing for the joy of singing and the tips, while a real consideration in their day, are not as fulfilling as the smiles, the claps and cheers of joy in appreciation of their very real and very raw talent. Heidi Kole, as tour guide, lends an authentic voice, as a subway performer herself, and shows how her personal relationships with her fellow subway performers are as rich and wonderful as those we have of our own.