Kim G.

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I'm a New Yorker. I'm an artist. I'm a graphic designer/writer/teacher and mom to a fabulous kid. I've taught art on a college level and been represented by a few Manhattan galleries. I've also organized several international art projects. My life is full of weird and wonderful
coincidences that pop up frequently and unexpectedly. I dream profusely and might give you Reiki if you ask nicely. My family roots are in New York City. I've lived here for the last 15 years...and I frequently find myself secretly singing that old "I Love New York" commercial. Loudly. I'm an undercover soccer player and avid kayaker who's trying to get a book published. NYC is the most vibrant, accommodating place to live in the world and I love to share the off-the-beaten-track parts with adventurous people.

Reviews for Kim G.
Jocelyn M.

This day turned out to be my favorite day in NYC during my week's visit. How unique an experience ! I painted ! I've never done this before, but working with a true artist would be productive for a painter at any point in their life I think. Her company was terrific and warm. The food she shared was a treat and she used the best supplies. I felt so lucky to have an opportunity to get a lesson from someone who made it fun and interesting. I took home two paintings; additionally, I learned new information about New York from a local denizen of the art scene. Terrific ! Don't skip this because you're shy. It's really pleasant.