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A foodie by heart, I grew up in the restaurant industry. My parents run a Chinese restaurant in San Diego, so I was exposed to a wide variety of foods from a young age. I learned to appreciate the subtleties in the taste of foods from across the cultures. I love exploring different neighborhoods on foot for tasty things to eat to satisfy my joy of discovering new flavors.

My passion for food, culture, and adventure evolved into these foodie tours. We'll eat, learn about a new culture, and burn off the calories in between the stops.

I walk super fast but eat super slow, and I enjoy every moment.

Reviews by Albert C.
Albert C.

According to the reviews, this looks like a food tour I'd love to go on. I like the fact you get to try a variety of authentic items and that you go to places off of the beaten path. Joe is a nice, easy-going guy as well, so many props to him!

Reviews for Albert C.
Alice for Street Food Tour for Foodies

Albert is an excellent guide and a true foodie! The fresh surf clams from a street side seafood cart were definitely the highlight. I really liked how we were able to visit 6 different eateries, and sampled the most popular items from their menu. I’m a pretty adventurous eater but Albert is so knowledgeable about the food in the area that he could easily adjust the tour for any dietary preferences and restrictions. As my first time in Tijuana, I felt this tour was especially great for me since also I got to explore various shops along the route and really experience the city. Be prepared to walk and to work up an appetite that you will be sure to satiate! Can’t wait to book another tour to find more hidden gems.